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Langley Vacations – Your Bahamas Bliss Travel Experts

Getting the opportunity to see the sunset on the glorious tropical ocean is no longer a daydream when you select Langley Vacations for your Bahamas vacation desire. We will help you get on that white sandy beach with a savory cocktail in your hand watching that heavenly sunset. From our years of experience ensuring that all the top-rated destinations and events are on our Bahamas travelers list, our team works hard to coordinate the perfect itinerary for you and your guests.

It does not matter if you want stay on the beach enjoying the warm Bahamian sun, or get familiar with the island culture, or participate in underwater adventures, we can plan out your whole vacation to your specifications.

At Langley Vacations, we offer our assistance for every Bahamas adventure to our traveler for the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime Bahamas vacation.



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A few of our center beliefs to consider to offer you the experiences you're searching for:

Creating moments:

Having the ideal vacation experience includes spending valuable time with your fellow Bahamas travelers and we promise to plan your trip to be as perfect as possible.

Effortless ease:

We have your best interest in mind we make the most of your hassle-free trip. You don’t need to worry we have you covered.


Langley Vacations is dedicated to offering you the best travel assistance. For our travelers, we provided quality assurance throughout the entire experience.

The Cruise Line International Association has been around since 1975 and has a membership of over 14,000 travel agencies and 26 cruise lines. The CLIA represents over 97% of the cruises marketed in North America and are a premier resource for cruise information and verification. Langley Vacations is a CLIA accredited company, dedicated to bringing you the best value in Bahamas travel.

Our Mission

Langley Vacations is committed to providing the most amazing Bahamas Island experience to all our travelers. Our travel experts want to make every fantasy of the Bahamas a reality, from a journey full of an enjoyable itinerary to every single traveler’s happiness. Our mission at Langley Vacations is to ensure our clients and their loved ones will have a smooth, entertaining, memorable, and unforgettable Bahamas Vacation. Our continuing promise has to do with our great service and reliability. We are looking forward to addressing any questions about departures, transport, activities, and anything you have to ask.    We are pleased to deliver a special vacation in the Bahamas and are more than delighted to be part of your forever Bahamas memories. Langley Vacations service to our Bahamas travelers helps them gain the chance to really relax and have the best time on their Bahamas paradise vacation.

Our Approach

Langley Vacations promises to give its customers an exceptional service which makes us one of the best travel agents and ensures that you enjoy an incredible vacation in the Bahamas. Our staff provides a customized experience and warm hospitality, making us a leading travel agent highly competitive on the market. We believe it is important to fulfill the wishes of any Bahamas vacation seeker and create the perfect itinerary with all the unique cruise packages to satisfy every expectation. We pay careful attention to every change in the seasons, small or large, we will be your experts on when to experience the best of the Bahamas Island weather. If any prices change for cruise tickets, hotel rates, or events, we pledge to be up-to-date on all these changes.

What Our Clients Say

I am pleased to have had Langley Vacations organize our entire trip to the Bahamas. We could not believe how easy the process was and how everything was just like our agent said it would be. Every question was answered, every detail was explained, and every expectation was met! Thank you for your amazing help in getting us to the Bahamas!


David Mansfield

The smartest choice I made when planning my Bahamas vacation was going through Langley Vacations. The amount of options I found online made me almost not want to go. I need a deal and I found it with Langley Vacations. Plus, they took the stress out of planning my itinerary, seriously they know all the great things to do and see in The Bahamas!

Maria Shepherd

The best travel agency to book a Bahamas vacation with is Langley Vacations! We had a lot of fun and were delighted by the quality of service we receive every part of the trip. From the booking, cruise, hotel, and activities, we had the best experience possible. Truly advise anyone searching for an easy and exceptional way to travel to the Bahamas is to use Langley Vacations.

Greg Johnson

We had a perfect time in the Bahamas. Nothing we did was horrible, everything was just simply amazing. It all started the second we booked through Langley Vacations that paved a perfect path for us to get to the Bahamas. They do anything they can to make sure we are happy before and after we leave. Thank you Langley Vacations, you are vacation angels!

Jackie Parker

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With Langley Vacations, you will discover hundreds of available perfect destination


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Langley Vacations is dedicated to amazing customer service. If you have any concerns or need extra support, you can in touch with us at your convenience. Call or text at your convenience we are here to make your vacation perfect. 

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